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Curious About Why I Should Be Your SEO Consultant?

I found SEO more than a decade and a half ago. Since that time I've studied and researched everything I can about search engine optimization.

That's easily over 15,000 hours of resarch and analysis about everything to do with SEO. This is why I only do SEO.

The best thing about SEO is getting to help people that want to grow their companies. This is my passion.

Give me the reigns of your SEO campaign and I will show you how far we can go together.

Chris Walker

15+ Years Of SEO Experience On Your Side

I've got a distinct advantage over my competition here in Denver Colorado. I've built a team of SEO professionals that I can call on to get any size job done. And I mean any size job. I'm the SEO Denver trusts to get the competitive jobs done.

My specialty is being an SEO consultant first, helping you to drive sales and revenue through the exclusive use of on-page and off-page SEO. This means that I specialize in building massive amounts of content for websites so that we can help get your site ranked at the top of the SERPS for your most important keywords.

  • I don't work like a traditional agency or Denver SEO firm.
  • I offer executive level SEO consulting backed by a team of expert content writers.
  • There are no top secret behind the scenes tactics I use to get your rankings up.
  • I'll be fully transparent in the work that I perform for your company.
  • I will hand over reports when said work is finished.

Not everyone runs their agency like this but I believe in full transparency. I believe that you should get to keep the work that you pay me for.

I work like this because my competitors don't. They provide you a list of things that they do for your website and they stick you on some hourly rate program.

Most of the time these lists consist of things that aren't going to move the needle for your rankings.

My main concern is how can we drive sales and revenue, not how much can I charge you per month in some garbage package at an hourly rate.

I'm not against hourly work. It's definitely necessary at times but most of the packages I see offered by my competitors are filled with hourly work that will not move your rankings in a positive direction. Thus, this will not drive sales.

Is that what you want as a client? I didn't think so.

I focus on getting the job done. I focus on the bottom line.

Because who wants to pay for work that isn't working? Me either.

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