Branded Content Marketing

branded content marketing

When it comes to SEO, branded content marketing isn’t something that you’re going to hear about very often. This is because branded content takes a lot of effort to create but the rewards you will reap from this can be very impressive.

When you’re building a brand name, the way your content relates to your brand as well as your SEO efforts should be working in synergy. They should also be effective from a branding and SEO strategy.

Creating The Content Around Your Brand

You should have a dedicated content strategist working with your SEO team in order to make the most of your branded marketing efforts. This is an elevated form of marketing in all senses. It’s not just taking SEO into consideration, it’s taking content popularity (virality much?) as well as distribution into play.

Establishing SEO Marketing Goals

What’s the goal with your content? Does your brand mesh and work with an SEO strategy?

Branded content marketing meshing with SEO is the ultimate goal. Using this strategy, your brand can take advantage of search terms that can be built into your content marketing campaign.

Content Distribution

One of the most important aspects of content marketing, branded or not is distribution. The ability for your SEO team to craft and place content that provides value to the reader is the key. What kind of websites will your branded content be distributed on? How many visitors are coming to that site on a regular basis?

If you’re able to provide value to just a handful of people with one branded content marketing piece then you’ve successfully placed a piece and you’ve successfully setup your campaign for long term SEO success.

SEO Strategy With Your Brand

Can you build an SEO strategy around your brand?

If you can then it’s something that your company should be heavily considering.

One key question can determine whether or not your brand can be meshed successfully with an SEO strategy.

Is there significant search volume around your niche that you can capitalize on through organic search?

While defining significant search volume you have to look at things from a value standpoint. Success can be somewhat pre-determined by things like niche relevancy, market size, services location, etc. You still have to do the relevant keyword research in order to determine whether or not a potential campaign could be success or not.

Not to mention, how big of a success could the campaign actually be? These are both extremely relevant questions to ask yourself before setting up an SEO campaign.

Essentially this is SEO strategy and it takes someone with experience in SEO and marketing to see both sides. How can the sides come together? How can you implement the strategy and how successful could the strategy be?

This is a lot to think about but it’s also a great reason to hire an SEO strategist with lots of marketing experience. This is a powerful knowledge combination that can ultimately give your branded content a huge advantage out of the gate.

Making Sure The SEO Campaign Makes Sense

One of the biggest issues I have with SEO providers is that oftentimes they are only looking out for their interests. This is a common issue that many business owners will face.

Is there enough search volume around my niche to substantiate a full blown SEO campaign? To answer this question you may have to dig a bit.

This is also the reason a brand marketing strategy could come into play.

How competitive is the niche? What have the main players already accomplished? Is there a timeline for results? What will the return on investment be in the end?

These questions should be covered by any SEO consultant that you decide to work with.

This is also why cookie cutter SEO packages are not always the best fit for clients.

Tying your brand in with a strategy to compete with someone that’s been implementing and improving on their search engine optimization efforts every day for the last five years is going to be something that has to be discussed. It can be the determining factor as to whether your company will choose SEO as a marketing effort or not.

It can also help you understand how important it will be to create a branded content marketing strategy can be to your overall SEO success.