What Are Local SEO Citations?

local SEO citations

Local SEO citations essentially serve as the foundation of local search. While links are oftentimes referred to as the building blocks or foundation of SEO, there’s another type of link that happens to be the building block of what your local Denver SEO firm may create for your campaign. These links are oftentimes referred to as a local SEO citations or local citations.

What are local citations?

This is a link or what SEO consultants commonly refer to as local seo citations and these local business citations contains a few main elements:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

You might know it as Google Maps optimization. Some refer to this in general as local SEO services but the technical stuff on this list is oftentimes referred to as NAP or name, address, phone. If you’re business is local then you should consult with your Denver SEO specialist as these are important listings because they provide important information for Google to analyze. It tells Google that you’re actually in business and where you’re located within Denver.

And this is why the search engines look for this information before deciding to list your business in the local map packs or what the top listings in the SERPS are typically. Without this information backing up what you’ve told Google by claiming your Google Local Business listing, you’re much less likely to find yourself ranking in the local map pack.

On the other hand, if your local Denver business has this data listed in other places like Yelp, Merchant Circle, CityPages, DexKnows and a host of other websites including Google the likelihood of your business showing up for those performing a search from Denver or a surrounding community are a lot higher. Ideally when someone performs a search from somewhere like Lakewood, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Littleton and other areas and you’re located in Denver proper you still want to show up for that search if you’re the most relevant company. Same goes for cities like Colorado Springs with Monument, Gleneagle, Black Forest, Woodmoor, Cimarron Hills, Stratrmoor and so on. Having your local citations right helps you do just this. Hiring a local citations service could be your key to breaking out in the map pack.

When I say having them right I mean having them on trusted websites and having all of the information actually line up. This means that your business name needs to be the same across each and every website you’re listed on along with your address, your phone number and your URL. This is the data that Google is looking for when cross referencing your information. Yes, they are actually compiling a database about your company/website to determine if your data is accurate so that they can rank or not rank your website accordingly.

I’ve aware that there are hundreds of websites that you can get listed on for a link or local SEO citation. Thing is, they’re not all the same. You want to get listed on the power player websites first, the guys like Yelp. Google loves them some Yelp and you should too. Keep in mind though, you may not need them. Your Denver SEO consultant will be able to analyze your unique situation and make recommendations based on this.

There are plenty of great benefits a Denver SEO consultant can provide you. If you’re looking to grow your business then this Denver SEO expert could be the perfect compliment to your already established business.

There are data management companies like Yext that have tie ins to some of the larger sites out there. That’s one way to go about it. But keep in mind, Yext doesn’t control all of the listings on the web and a lot of people use them. So, if everyone else is using them I would advise you to maybe claim what you can by hand and write unique descriptions so that those pages will actually get indexed or use Yext and then go and claim the dozens of other listings there are available out there that aren’t managed by data management companies.

Doing this will ultimately give you an advantage over everyone else that’s just going through the motions and filling out profiles and sending them to citation management services for an update across the board. Make sure that local Denver SEO company is doing something besides just sending your information to a database run citation service. Make sure they’re going the extra mile.

By going that extra mile I mean claiming local SEO citations that are valuable. By valuable I mean that the website is trusted by Google. I’m not going to list them all here as to not give away reasons you may want to hire me as your trusted Denver SEO consultant but there are literally dozens of these websites. Again, your chosen Denver SEO company should offer these as an option to you.

If you want to take it a step further after this and you’re sure your company isn’t going to be moving locations within Denver then you could submit your NAP information to a company that provides local SEO citations aggregation. There have been issues here in the past with these aggregation companies writing over perfectly good data on relevant websites so beware. Again, let me clarify that you don’t want to do this if you think your company could move in the future as this could essentially create listings that are hard to control due to the nature of local citation aggregation.

As an expert in Denver SEO consulting my advice for most companies would be to claim as many local SEO citations as you can on high quality websites. These are the websites that Google is actually pulling data from and cross referencing. The other high quality websites you submit your data to will inevitably create a high quality link to your website even though it may not be technically counted as a citation by Google. Hey, a high quality link is a high quality link. If it’s coming from a trusted site then you are getting some value from it.