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How Can Content Marketing Help Me Drive Leads?

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Almost every competitive person by nature wants to grow their business but Denver area companies are in a unique spot. Denver is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country and thus the competitive environment this creates makes things a little bit tougher when it comes to internet marketing and SEO. It actually attributes to a competitive Denver SEO company landscape when compared to SEO companies in other major metro areas. Denver SEO is one of the most competitive SEO markets in the country. So, if your provider ranks in the top five then they’re probably doing something right. It’s competitive because the people on the top of the list are competitive companies and with opportunity comes competition. It’s the name of the game.

Not only is Denver competitive for SEO but it also happens to be competitive for a lot of other types of businesses as well. This means that if you’re building a website that you want to rank in the Denver metro area that you should be creating some serious content to go along with that website. It also means that your SEO copywriting skills should be on point.

Not only do you have to create high quality content but you have to know what people are searching for in order to understand how to organize and structure your content along and along with understanding how SEO copywriting can play a unique role in your search presence. A deep analysis of your niche along with extensive keyword research will help you understand exactly what it is that searchers are looking for. Only then will you be able to help them find your website.

Surprisingly it’s almost never the case that the business owner actually knows what it is their best customer is searching for the most. It takes our powerful suite of SEO tools along with your specific niche knowledge to achieve this goal. This happens at the beginning of your SEO campaign and helps us put together a plan that will help you achieve the results you desire.

Brand Content Strategy From The Denver SEO Expert

This is one of the most exciting parts of SEO. It’s about digging to find those golden nuggets that your potential customers are searching for all while connecting with your brand. Can you provide this information to them? Will they benefit from access to this information? Where in the branded content marketing funnel does this information fall?

We will work diligently with your marketing team to uncover potential golden nuggets that your team can use to spread your message effectively and drive sales.

What does the strategy look like? It’s completely dependent on your niche but we will work with you to help you understand your market when applied to search and find out what people are actually searching for. Once we figure that out then we decide if it’s possible to create a piece of content around that idea/product/service that will solve the problem and satisfy that person searching for your company.

Once we have this information in hand then we get to work writing or producing the content.

Content Mapping

Where is the customer at in the buying cycle? This information is vital to the type of content you will create and use to market to your customers.

There are several different places or points in the buying cycle that your potential customer may be in. It’s our job to help you find out what point works best with your goals.

There are some variables here that will determine your content campaign going forward. There are four different stages that your buyer may be in and each of those stages can vary in market size. Analyzing market size of each stage and assessing your long term marketing goals will ultimately determine our efforts moving forward.


Is the customer aware there is a solution to their problem? This is assuming your product or service solves a common issue amongst a group of individuals. This type of campaign will help the customer find and understand what your product or service is.

These campaigns are typically built for companies that are offering a new product or service to the market. This strategy is similar to that of a PR strategy with the current marketplace taken into account along with the other offerings. This can become a strategy intensive plan.


Are your customers looking for answers to a question? This type of customer doesn’t know much about the product or service that you sell but they want to do their research to find out more about what might be the best fit for them.

Commercial Investigation

Are your customers looking for the right source before they make that purchase decision? They’ve found what they need but there are several providers that fit the bill. There are the big companies that everyone knows about and then there’s your business. Do you want them to know about you? If so this is a great search engine marketing strategy to employ.


Are they looking to buy something? These are the customers that know what they want and they’re looking to make a quick decision and buy. Does your business fit the model that would benefit you to be in front of these types of customers?

Those that can benefit the most from these types of search campaigns often find themselves among some stiff competition. This is the ultimate in marketing as these customers are at the end of the marketing funnel. They’re ready to make a purchase; all you need to do is be in front of them at that exact moment. These SEO campaigns can shape up to be quite competitive but very lucrative for the client when the campaign is running on all cylinders.

What Forms Of Content Will Answer That Question?

Content marketing doesn’t just have to be about writing. Your competitive may be crushing it on Instagram or YouTube for that matter. Maybe they have a podcast that’s driving a ton of business.

We can help you find this out and show you exactly how you can compete for the same traffic and visitors. Are these strategies working well for your competition? If so then you probably need to be looking at employing these strategies for your own search marketing campaign.

Here’s a list of commonly used mediums:

  • Webpage or Website
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Interactive Content

This is why we like to work with businesses that are driven by greatness. If you want to succeed then we can help you do just that.

We will help you develop the right campaign so that you get your share of the business that’s available.

The Goal Of Content Marketing

We want to help you make your content as engaging as possible. We want to help you optimize that content for conversions.

We want you to succeed. We want to be a part of that success.

This is the goal of any good content marketing campaign. It’s about the ability to get in front of the right people at the right time and move them through your marketing funnel accordingly.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your business take advantage of content marketing to drive leads and boost sales then be sure to set up a consultation.

During the consultation we can discuss what your future marketing plans look like and see how best we can fit into the mix.

Here's to your company's success with content!

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