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And frankly we work with established businesses all over the U.S. I'm your go to expert for local SEO, Denver. This is where I live and take meetings, consulting with established companies that demand the highest of quality in consulting services. Don't give into the myth that SEO can only be done by someone in your specific city (say Colorado Springs or Boulder), because that's just not true and I like to be upfront about just that. Thing is, I do live in Denver and I can come consult with you at your office in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs or anywhere in between if need be.

Denver SEO

Denver SEO

Clarification Of What SEO Companies Should Provide

This Comes From Experience... More Than A Decade In SEO

Most local SEO companies provide a lot of the same. They all want you to subscribe to their monthly services without digging into the details of your company. Does this sound familiar? "For only $X,XXX per month we will get you to the top of the SERPS? You're not alone here.

The most important thing about doing SEO effectively and this includes local businesses, is the research. How can we price your services without doing the due diligence? We can't so we don't.

What do we mean by the term "local SEO" when we refer to services from a reputable Denver SEO company?

What this doesn't mean:

  • How to get listed in local directories
  • Getting ranked in Google Maps (only)

There is much more to local search engine optimization than this. What it really means is searching with a local search modifier. Below are examples of several different search options that indicate a user would be searching for a local provider to hire. These terms would qualify you for a SEO campaign as would replacing any search term with your search term, any city with your city and any state with the state you do business in.

Search Term + City

Example:  Denver SEO or SEO St Louis

Search Term + City + State Abbreviation (XX)

Example:  SEO Denver CO

Search Term + City + State Long Form

Example:  SEO Denver Colorado

Search Term + City + Zip Code

Example:  SEO Denver 80206

This means that local search engine optimization is so much more than purchasing a $50 a month subscription to an information aggregation product. While lots of SEO companies will even offer these as part of their plans, this is not a complete solution. There are more aspects to local search engine optimization that must be addressed. If they're not then your chances of ranking well in the SERPS, or the local SERPS are very slim.

A Complete SEO Campaign Covers Both


Ranking In the Local Listings

If you want to rank your business website in the local listings then you need plenty of high quality N.A.P. listings, along with all of the other elements of a strong local SEO campaign. N.A.P. or Name, Address and Phone number listings are listings on websites that Google trusts and uses to verify that your business is actually in business. If your website is listed correctly, meaning that your business name, address and phone number don't deviate from each other, Google appreciates is very much and rewards you with solid rankings. There are plenty of other factors here like reviews but the main point to remember is that your local SEO citations (Map) or N.A.P. listings need to be on point first and foremost.

Ranking In the Organic Listings

If you want to rank your business website at the top of the organic search results then you absolutely must have great on-page SEO. This is more important than ever in today's competitive business environment. Long gone are the days of the gaming the search results or using outdated SEO practices. These can impact your site in a negative way. Today, your website structure must be sound and your content must explain what it is you do or what it is you offer. On top of that your website design and structure elements have more impact on your results than ever before. Things like user experience matter, not just for your users but they matter to Google as well.

Is Your SEO Company Selling You Ineffective Services???

They tell you that submitting your website through them will get you the results you’ve always dreamed of. Okay, this may be a stretch but not by much. This is also the same company that will tell you they are not an SEO company when pressed about rankings but tell you how important their service is for search. So why do so many SEO and internet marketing companies rely on them (more than 5000)? Gasp!

They distribute your listing across a laundry list of websites. Problem is, your “Enhanced Content” doesn’t do you a bit of good if it’s duplicated across the web. Each instance we’ve checked has seen just a small percentage of the listings from this service indexed.

Google doesn’t like duplicate content so they ignore it. There are always exceptions but a vast majority of your listings are just flat out ignored by the Search behemoth. There should never be an instance of an SEO company using only synced data for the “local” part of your organic search campaign. Better yet, it should be used as a back up tool.

These can cause more problems than they do good. Not every directory has the same category so these aggregated listings can easily end up listed incorrectly. Problem is, Google relies on this data to rank your Map Pack listing. Incorrect data causes problems, the kind that can negatively impact your rankings in the search results.

After all of this you still have the duplicate content issues to deal with. Again, Google likes to ignore duplicate content so if your information is the same across hundreds of sites, they ignore it. The few listings that Google will keep are mainly from highly authoritative sites. The question we ask ourselves constantly is why does your SEO company still use these aggregators as the main service offering?

There should never be an instance of an SEO company using only data aggregators in your local search engine optimization campaign, only as an addition. That’s really not needed if your SEO is done correctly.

Most internet marketing companies use Synced Listings for local SEO citations or Data Aggregators to build local citations for their clients. They believe it saves time, which is not the point here because they’re not aware of the major issues surrounding the use of these tools. The issue is that you’re not getting the results because of the duplicate and thin content issues cutting a swath across your local listings.

The listings can turn out poorly providing zero added value for the search engines. Ask yourself, why would Google index listings that don’t add any value to the SERPS? They wouldn’t and they don’t. This creates problems with your rankings. Who needs that garbage?

Google likes beefy listings. They need relevant content to populate the SERPS. Their search results depend on high quality content as does their entire business model. Google will not index your listings if there’s no value add. If your content is being pushed out on auto-pilot then your rankings are suffering.

Our Goal

Our goal here is to provide you with information that will help you understand the complex issues surrounding local SEO companies and why they offer what they offer. We want you to be aware of your options in the marketplace and what those options can/will/will not do for your bottom line. Our goal is to inform you so that you can make a proper decision about the direction you would like to take your SEO campaign. If you would like to learn more about our consulting services then please reach out to us. We will be glad to help.

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