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Before iPhones, tablets, or smartphone, everybody rely on their laptop. It was an effortless era where digital marketing only relied on an SEO guide for desktop users. Because of the advancement in technology where iPhones are becoming very popular, more than 50% of internet users are on their mobile device. After all, you can’t bring your laptop everywhere, but you can always have your mobile phone handy while you go grocery shopping or standing in line at the DMV. This is why it’s imperative to take mobile SEO into account when you are ready to market your business and improve your search results by hiring a Denver SEO expert. As each year passes, internet users are transitioning towards using their mobile devices over their laptop.

Keep in mind that mobile-first indexing can impact SEO. This impact takes into account the loading time, screen size, website design, structure, and much more to be ranked on top of the mobile search engines. Unfortunately, not a lot of website owners are aware of the importance and complexity of mobile SEO. That means, they will miss out on the other 50% of internet users. Not only that, a lot of digital marketing agencies have not implemented mobile SEO services in their business, so their clients would still be behind in the competition. Luckily, we are up to date with all the latest digital marketing trends and pride ourselves in being experts in the field of mobile SEO. We know all the factors that affect mobile optimization, and our service emphasizes on improving mobile website ranking through strategic methods and modalities that we have garnished through years of experience and research.

If you are curious about all the ranking factors that affect mobile SEO, and what changes that we could help you make to improve your mobile website ranking, then you have come to the right place. We are more than happy to showcase our service and expertise to help you get on top of your competition.

Mobile Page-speed Insights

When it comes to optimization and being on top of the search engine, it’s vital to have an excellent page speed. Whenever a mobile user gets on your webpage, you want to make sure that your page loads at the speed of light, so you don’t get left behind. We can perform a thorough analysis of your website to calculate the page speed and to diagnose the underlying problem, and fix it. We can also help you reduce the number of complex codes on the website, decrease redirects, and leverage browsers so you can be a proud parent of multiple accelerated mobile pages.

Avoid Blockage

Keep in mind that some mobile device cannot support either JavaScript, CSS, or images files. That is why a lot of times webmasters of these mobile sites would block one or all of these factors. Unfortunately, that can significantly hinder your mobile site index. It’s essential that you do not block these factors. We can help you free out these blockages, so Google will see that you have a responsive and robust website that works well on any smartphone, tablets, or iPhone.

Mobile Friendly Design

Back in the days, the word "above the fold" would hold tremendous power, but now, it means nothing at all. Since mobile users can quickly scroll through everything, it's more important to have a mobile-friendly design for your website. We can analyze your website and implement a strategy to ensure that you passed the mobile-friendly test and have the proper design for maximal optimization. That my friend is how you successfully create a site for mobile.

For example, we can make sure that you avoid using flash, but instead utilizes HTML5 for desirable results. We can also help you get rid of pop-ups, so it does not frustrate your mobile users. This can help decrease the number of pop-ups, therefore, lower your bounce rate, and improve user experience.

Title & Meta Tags

When it comes to optimizing titles and meta-tag description on the mobile device, it’s essential to be as concise as possible without sacrificing vital information’s. Fortunately, we experience when it comes to creating URL, titles, meta name viewport, and meta-description that can improve your mobile-first index.

Local Searches

If your business caters to a specific location or needs local SEO then it’s vital to optimize your mobile pages to have these targeted keywords. This means that you will need to include your contact information, address, name, city, and states in your meta-tag. There is a specific way of optimizing your location, which is a service that we can provide to help you.

Responsive Design

It’s essential to have a responsive web design that uses CSS3 media to provide content marketing to both desktop and mobile users. This means that a flexible design and fluid grid will have to be used to adapt to the mobile screen. A successful and responsive design will use media queries to obtain the proper layout that conforms with the resolution, width, and orientation of the mobile screen. The CSS codes can be very complex, but with our expertise, we can implement the proper code, so you can have a responsive web design that can help improve your mobile optimization ranking.

Dynamic Serving

Some website owners don’t want a complete redesign, but they would love to have different content for both mobile and desktop user. The best solution that we can provide is to use one URL to showcase different HTML and CSS. This would depend on the type of device that your viewers are using. This can be very useful for specific cases. For example, if you own a restaurant, then you might want your mobile visitors that are around the area to see the map of your location and the reviews instead of a full website that would normally be present on a desktop.


We know how important it is to have all the best practices to cover every aspect of SEO for your business. However, traditional marketing agency usually emphasizes on optimization on desktops, but they tend to neglect mobile versions. Luckily, with our company, we offer state of the art Mobile SEO strategy and service to help you cover all the basis and get on top of the competition. We know all the factors that affect google's mobile-first index and ranking, and we can implement necessary changes to improve your ranking without compromising any privacy policy. With our help and expertise, you will definitely experience an improvement in traffic, ranking, and sales.

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