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Your website hasn't been getting the search engine traffic that it used to. You haven't made any changes, or maybe you have but you still can't figure out why your website has dropped in rankings so substantially.

This is more common than you may think. It's something that happens quite often without the website owner really understanding the back story or even why this would happen to them. It doesn't make sense but I can help you make sense of it.

With every new project I take on I do a website audit but I can do them à la carte as well if you need one. It's one of the most powerful services in SEO today because there can be so many mistakes on websites from people working on them using outdated practices. Unfortunately this is all too common, from cheap providers and even not so cheap providers.

An SEO Audit should be a part of any high quality Denver SEO Service, but sometime it's not so be sure to ask. It's extremely important for a SEO professional to analyze your website closely for any issues that could down the road or are currently causing ranking issues that you may not know about.

What Does An SEO Audit Consist Of?

Your SEO Audit will be about making sure that your website is communicating properly with the search engines. I will walk you through your website and show you implementations that may be causing ranking issues and how we can change them.

Our Denver SEO Audit Consists Of:

  • URL Structure Analysis
  • Website Architecture Check
  • Internal Linking Review
  • Google-bot Crawler Issues
  • Coding Issues
  • Design Issues
  • Content Quality Check
  • On-page SEO Factor Review
  • Google Search Index/Power Index Check (Unique to us)
  • Social Media Presence Check
  • External Link Check
  • Duplicate Content Issues
  • Past SEO Work
  • Keyword Research

Any of these issues can be causing your rankings to be held back. It sounds crazy but the most simple change may very well take your website from barely ranking for your main keywords to a whole other level in the SERPS.

Know that a Denver SEO professional can walk you through the entire process is a huge win in my opinion. For someone with more than 15 years of SEO experience to look over your website can easily change your rankings, your sales and the amount of revenue your website drives on a daily basis.

What Value Will I Get From My SEO Audit?

Well, we want you to get a ton of value from your SEO audit. So, if you're coming to us from the "I may have a penalty against my website" standpoint or "I want to increase my traffic standpoint" you may see results right away.

You can refer to the screenshot at the top of this page to see exactly what kind of impact a well thought out audit can have on your website results. The example refers to a well established company which we were performing an audit for. The number of keywords we were tracking for this example were 28.

These keyword were competitive keywords that drove traffic for all of their competitors. Making the first set of changes resulted in a jump of 340 positions for those twenty eight keywords.

The second set of changes resulted in a jump of 511 positions for the very same set of keywords. The total impact on this website was a jump of 815 positions within the span of one month.

This is the type of results we want you to get but keep in mind that every client that comes to us is going to be in a different scenario. This client was well established. We made nothing but the changes listed on the SEO audit list and these are the results they got.

Pretty impressive. We hope to do the same for you.

Our Goal For Your SEO Audit

This depends on if you're coming here for just an audit or if you're a new consulting client but the results are the same. I want your website to be more in tune than ever before. It's almost like getting a tuneup on a car but instead it's getting a tuneup on your website.

Similarly, depending on how out of shape your website actually is this audit can have a huge impact on your website rankings and your overall results. Please keep this in mind as some clients come to us with well thought out and developed websites that don't need much TLC. On the other hand some clients come to us with huge issues all around. These later clients will obviously get much more dramatic results from an SEO audit than the previous.

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